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December 8th - all day at Miller


Over a dozen awesome activities!

  • Programmable Robots that students can get hands-on with as an introduction to coding at the elementary level with line-tracking robots!
  • Airways, a physics demonstration that pushes colorful balls all around a maze of clear tubes that students absolutely love.

  • Bike Generator that enables kids to convert their potential energy into electrical energy by illuminating a tall tower of light!
  • 3D Printing shows your students the exciting world of desktop prototyping and manufacturing that is literally changing our world!
  • Gravity Wall where students create a pathway of twists and turns and then test their design using small balls and the force of gravity.

  • Magnetism employs several ball bearings drawn by magnets to travel through a maze along with a cartoon portrait that the kid’s apply the “hair, moustache and beard” to by using a magnet and iron filings.

  • Domino Race is just that –an area where kids set up dominos in patterns, going up and down “steps” and then with a push – send the dominos crashing into each other while all the time learning about engineering, motion and force.

  • Giant Microscope allows the students to examine a nice collection of bugs, flowers, feathers — and any other object they’d like to see “up close” – on a large 21″ screen.

  • Plasma Ball demonstrates an invention of Tesla as well as one of the states of matter.

  • Conductivity has the students compete to see who can complete the course without closing the circuit and lighting the light.

  • Radiometer brightly demonstrates how invisible particles of light can propel an object – and the brighter the light, the more absorption/re
    pulsion of particles.

  • Bernoulli Exhibit demonstrates air pressure in a wonderful, yet simple activity.

  • Geometric Shapes has the student create anything from letters to numbers to trapezoids, squares, triangles – whatever they choose- using jersey loops on a really large pegboard.

  • Dino Dig with dinosaur bones, claws and teeth that simulates the search for fossils.