• Fun Run, November 11th – We are very excited to bring this to Miller this year! We expect this one to be our biggest fundraiser and event for the year. Great opportunity to reach out the extended family and friends and ask for their support of our school. This program will kick off with a pep rally, have a week-long series of character lessons in the classroom and end with the run. Register for this short distance event and get moving with the Miller Community
  • Discount Cards, December - Purchase a card for $10 and get discounts for a year at local restaurants and retailers. These are VERY popular each year.
  • Online Auction, March 31-April 6 - This is an online auction where you bid on all sorts of items from 2nd Annual Kickball Team spot, movie Time with teachers, concert tickets, gift card basekts, hallway names, and MUCH more. Check out last year's items


  • Write-A-Check - Can't find anything you need or want from our catalog fundraisers? Write a Check, and make a direct donation to Miller PTA.  Our program provides $50 worth of programs, supplies and services per student each year.  While we take donations in any amount, $50 covers your student. The best part is that 100% of the proceeds from the Write-A-Check campaign will go directly to Miller PTA. Make a check payable to Miller PTA and give it to the front office, or go to the Registration page and click on the Donations link.
  • Loyalty Card Programs - To participate, just link your store loyalty cards to the Miller PTA account and every time you shop, a portion of your purchase goes straight to the PTA program. To link your card, visit the customer service desk in the store the next time you shop, and tell them you want to link your card to Miller Elementary PTA. Last year we earned almost $2000! Some programs require you to sign up each year, so make this an item on your back-to-school to-do list!
    • Kroger Card
    • Tom Thumb Card
    • Red Robin - Join the Red Robin Loyalty program and then select Miller. Search "Miller Richardson". We will get 1% back of sales when you present your loyalty card. Plus you will earn free food rewards.
  • BoxTops for Education - Clip out BoxTops and drop them in the collection box in the foyer at the school. Last year we earned over $1400 from BoxTops. Here is a list of products that have box tops. 
  • Schoola - Instead of dropping off your next bag of clothes to a donation center, get a bag from Schoola. They will collect the bag, resell the clothes, and funds go directly to Miller.  Last year just 16 bags of clothes generated $700!
  • Shoparoo - Select Dennis Miller Elementary as your "cause," and take pictures of your shopping receipts. Presto - the school earns money!  Last year, we earned over $130 just from snapping pictures. For details, click here.
  • Amazon Smile – If you are an avid Amazon shopper, then you can help earn the school money. Just access through and choose “PTA Texas Congress 7450 Miller Elementary” to link your account.