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General Information


     Students can be dropped off at the Gym entrance starting at 7:00am.

     At 7:30am, the school's main entrance doors are opened and students are welcome to enter.

     Please note, students who arrive prior to the 7:30am bell and who are not with an adult need to head to the gym.

     All students need to be in the school before the 7:40am bell. Students arriving at school after 7:40am will be considered tardy.


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If your student(s) will be absent from school, you must:

* call the MILLER CHILD SAFE LINE at 469-752-2700, select option #3

* during the call provide your student's full name, teacher's name, grade, & reason for the absence.

When your student(s) return to school, please bring a written and parent/guardian signed excuse note upon their return. You have 3 days to turn in a written excuse note after that the absence will remain unexcused. Also, excuse notes can no longer be emails.

Here is a printable copy of the  Absence Excuse Note or you can write up your own being sure to include: Student's full name, Teacher's name, Grade, Dates absent & Reason for the absence. Please note, excuse notes can no longer be emails. 

Absence Requests: If you know ahead of time that your child will miss school, you should complete the Student Absence Request Form and turn it into the school office for the Principal's review. Please note that just because you turn in an request that does not automatically translate to an excused absence.



Both prescription and over-the-counter medicines must be in an original, labeled bottle and must be accompanied by a pink Medication Authorization Form available in the front office. Dosage and time should be written on nonprescription drug containers. Parents should bring medications to the clinic, along with the completed pink Medication Authorization Form, for safekeeping. Children should never have them in backpacks, desks or lunches.


Many parents are unsure when to keep a child at home with illness. Please keep your child home if they have any of the following symptoms:

1 - A temperature more than 100 degrees in the past 24 hours. Please keep your child home until they have been fever free for 24 hours (without medicine) to avoid the spread of infection.

2 - Diarrhea or vomiting in the past 24 hours. Please keep your child at home until symptom free for 24 hours.

3 - If your child wakes up in the morning with one, or both eyes red, pink, oozing or crusty on the eyelids, please keep him/her at home and call your physician. They need to be checked for Pink Eye, which is highly contagious and requires administration of prescription eye drops for 24 hours before returning to school.

4 - If your child has a moist cough that is difficult to control with over-the-counter medications, your child is having difficulty breathing with coughing, vomits with coughing or your child is coughing up green or yellow sputum; please keep your child at home and call your physician.

5 - Breathing difficulty, wheezing or coughing that continues one hour after taking medicine, please keep your child at home and call your physician.



Breakfast is served from (INFORMATION COMING SOON) and costs $1.75 (reduced fee is $0.30).

Lunch is served at different times depending on the grade level. The cost is $2.85 (reduced fee is $0.40). There are also items available a la carte. Click HERE to learn more about Plano ISD food services.


School Cafe is the convenient way to pay for school meals. There are options that will alert you if your student's account is low and you can sign up to have payments made automatically (this is optional). Click the icon below to sign up or check your account.


Family members are welcome to have lunch at the school with their student(s) except during STARR testing (the specific dates will be advertised as soon as known).

In addition, twice a year we have Grandparent's Week where Grandparents (or other family member if grandparents can not attend) can come have lunch with their student(s), visit their student's classroom, attend the Book Fair and get their picture taken with their grandchild!



Yes! You may send an item, but family will not be able to go into the classroom. It is recommended that you contact your student's teacher to let them know you would like to send something. Please only send one item for every student in the class. It can be a small food item like a cupcake or cookie (please keep them small!) or an item like pencils. Items, especially food, should be left at the office to ensure they are delivered to the classroom at the appropriate time. Thank you!


Entry doors are kept locked for safety. To gain entry, please press the buzzer. All visitors and volunteers must stop by the school office. If you are going beyond the school office a name badge will be printed for you. This name badge must be worn at all times. Please have your photo ID with you if you are entering the school beyond the school office (unless your photo ID is already on file with the front office). When leaving you must stop at the front office to check out and return your name badge. 


The crates in the front hall (labeled K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) should be utilized by parents to drop off lunches, homework, jackets, etc. Please ensure all items placed in the grade level crates include your student's name. Only money and glasses will be delivered to class.

Pick Up & Carpool


Morning Drop Off:

After 7:20am, upon entering the carpool drive, pull as far forward as possible; please no stopping at the gym or front doors.

Safety Patrol kids are there as a courtesy to help open car doors and keep the carpool line moving smoothly. However, there will be days when there will not be Safety Patrol kids in the carpool lane, such as state testing days or when temperatures prohibit them from being outside per PISD policy. On these days, it is your child's responsibility to open their own car door.

There will be a staff person at the front drive crosswalk and at the lower corner to protect the traffic flow, not to open doors. There is no double-turn into the school drive - all cars, including staff, must wait in the carpool line to enter the parking lot.

There is no left turn from Coventry into the school drive.


Afternoon Dismissal:

Please complete the paper plate with your student's name and grade and display in your car window. Pull all the way forward and do not stop to open doors for your student or buckle kids in. If you need to help them buckle, you may pull up past the carpool lane to help them.

When the carpool caller announces the name of your student, they will be released to go to your car. There may or may not be someone who is able to walk your student to your car or open the door. You child needs to be able to open the car door on their own.

Please not, if picking up your child through carpool, the entire pick-up process is over by 3:00pm.

*NOTE: The three families who have a carpool pass may jump to the front of the line, all others must remain single file.


Walkers will exit through the front door of the school.


If you know in advance that your student(s) will be leaving school in a different way on a particular day, please email Cindee Andrus (Cindee.Andrus@pisd.edu) and copy your student's teacher. You may also send a note to your student(s)' teacher but be aware that sometimes students fail to deliver them to the teacher.

If school is already underway and you need to change how your student(s) is leaving school that day, please contact the office as soon as possible at 469-752-2702. 

After School Programs

PASAR is Plano ISD's After School care program for students in elementary school. Please click HERE for more information about the PISD program.


PASAR Care Hours

M - TH: 2:55 - 6:30pm

F: 2:55 - 6:00pm

Note: PASAR will start immediately after school on early release days.



Students are picked up from the gym.