interested in becoming active in pta but not sure what to expect? Here are some common myths or fears busted!


1 - Only Moms and Faculty are active in PTA.

Not at all! There are many Dads, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and other family or friends actively involved in PTA! It helps make our group strong and provides a variety of inputs and viewpoints!


There is even a specific group just for Dads - the Watch Dogs! 

2 - If I join the PTA I will have to volunteer.

While we welcome all volunteers and can use all the help we can get, you do NOT have to volunteer if you join PTA.


If you are interested in volunteering but aren't sure how to proceed, click HERE to learn more!


3 - I only have to join PTA once. My membership never expires.

PTA membership is good for one year. At the start of each school year is a great time to renew your membership to help support our school and students!

4 - Miller PTA does not need me.

We welcome and value everyone's time and input. We understand that everyone is very busy. Our members are just like you! Many members juggle full time jobs, parenting duties, taking care of multiple children and so much more! 


Miller PTA has a variety of opportunities available that can fit into any schedule. There are opportunities that take place before school hours (e.g., Pony Points store, taking yearbook pictures), during school hours (e.g., helping during classroom parties) and opportunities that can be done at home (e.g., designing yearbook pages). Some opportunities are one time events (e.g., specific time slot during Bookfair) or ongoing events that you often can determine how frequently you go (e.g., library volunteer or workroom helper).


If everyone felt that PTA did not need them, there would be no PTA and no group helping to provide opportunities for our students and school! 

5 - I don't have the time to join the Miller PTA.

Joining does not mean you have to volunteer or come to meetings. By joining you DO support our ability to help support the school and all students. PTA is only $20 per person or $30 per couple and anyone is welcome.


Click HERE to learn more about why joining Miller PTA can help!